Tedeschi Winery - Verona

Logo-TedeschiNicolò Tedeschi founded the company that bears his name in the Valpolicella area in 1824.

He was a genuine personality of his time, renowned for his skill and moral stature.

Throughout the years, his family has continued the traditional wine-making process, and today, the winery is owned by the fifth generation of Tedeschis: Antonietta, Sabrina and Riccardo.

Each has various responsibilities, but it is Riccardo, the oenologist, who deals with production and acts as Tedeschi’s Export Director.

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The Story of a Life, in a Vine.

The Tedeschi family’s vineyards all lie on hillside sites and some of them are among the historic vineyards of the Valpolicella Classico zone, such as the famous Monte Olmi, which was the first cru of the denomination. Another historic plot is the Fabriseria vineyard, which gives its name to an entire line of wines that includes our famous Amarone which is only produced in exceptional vintages. The purchase of the Maternigo Estate in the Valpolicella D.O.C. area has enabled the company to become totally self-sufficient as regards fruit supply. It is actually at Maternigo that we began work on zoning and establishing the characteristics of each of our vineyards: a fundamental research project that is one of the first of its kind in Valpolicella. A perfect knowledge of the soils and of the behaviour of the vines in each individual vineyard parcel has allowed us to optimize our vineyard husbandry and to put the finishing touches to the process of reducing environmental impact that we began several years ago and which – at Maternigo – has already been concluded with total conversion to organic farming.

The Story of a Life, in a Vine.The Family

Tedeschi is managed by Lorenzo Tedeschi’s children: Antonietta, who handles Italian sales and administration; Sabrina, a food scientist who taught and did research at the Istituto di San Michele all’Adige for many years; and Riccardo, an enologist, who, in addition to overseeing all of the estate’s winemaking, handles foreign sales.

From the past, constant passion, and from the present, continuous research. Indeed, the Tedeschi Family has succeeded in maintaining the values that have always distinguished it, but at the same time has kept pace with the present, introducing new technologies. A perfect blend of tradition and innovation that reflects the Tedeschi philosophy: authentic family flavors, and the qualitative standards of a cutting-edge company. Because of this, every Tedeschi wine displays authentic character and personality that remain true over time, thanks to the raw materials - the grapes.