Drouhin: Biodynamic wines at their best

Maison Joseph Drouhin: Biodynamic wines at their best


The Difference Between Decent and OMG

There are wines that are OK, wines that are good (at the price), and then there are wines that are so delicious, so sophisticated, so remarkable – that your eyes, nose and palate know that you are experiencing the difference between street art and a Matisse.

Private and Confidential

I was promised a memorable wine experience if I showed up at Benoit NYC in November. Looking forward to a palate-pleasing surprise I headed to west 55th Street, NYC. When I told the maître d’, I was at Benoit to experience Drouhin wines, she quickly left her station and escorted me to a back elevator that took me to Benoit’s private meeting space. I was directed to a delicious buffet display that featured smoked salmon and a charcuterie – the perfect introduction to a grand event.

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